Our story

Begins in the early 1980s, when I would take time off art school and follow the Grateful Dead on Tour, selling my signature T-shirts out of my '62 Volkswagen sunroof bug. People really liked what I was making, including some well known musicians of the day. I went back for my final semester of design school with an interest in learning everything I could about dyeing fabric to create something totally unique.

After experimenting with dye techniques from around the world, I arrived at my own unique variation of the Japanese Shibori Technique. I also added a number of festival-inspired silk styles and teamed up with my son to re-launch the brand as Manifest Color in 2016. Today, our work can be found in select boutiques from Asheville, NC to Beverly Hills, CA.

Michael Smith with the Manifest Color team
A colored feather with premium silk materials

Design Philosophy

I believe color is a powerful tool for individualism and expression. My choice of colors and patterns draws heavily from the natural and supernatural. I believe clothing should move with you. Silk chiffon as a staple of the collection. It’s incredibly light, and infuses the wearer with graceful wisps of movement. 

Premium T-shirt under a sewing machine


I believe in making quality clothing that is locally produced. Our silk collection was designed and sewn in Asheville, NC. Our design and sewing team has 30+ years experience and are an integral part of our process-- from the sketchbook to choosing the thread color on each garment. Not only does this make for a higher-quality product, it also means we get to work with our friends :)