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  • Manifest Color

    By Michael Smith

    Clothing as Unique as the individuals
who wear it. Hand Crafted in Asheville, 

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One of a Kind by

Michael Smith

Clothing as Unique as the individuals who wear it.

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Silk Collection

Rooted in music festival culture, our silk garments
drape you in a soft free flowing colorful dream.

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The T-Shirts

We started 30 years ago with the desire
to elevate the tie-dye T-shirt into an art form.
All of our shirts begin with premium cotton t-shirts
hand-dyed in small batches in Asheville, NC.

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Crafted by hand

Each item we make is hand dyed in small batches.
No two patterns will ever be the same,
so every last thing that comes out of our Asheville studio
is truly one of a kind

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Crafted by hand

Each silk item is hand sewn
and hand-dyed in small batches
in Asheville, NC.

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The shibori dye process

Is like manifesting spirit into form out of the
Primordial Chaos. I have some exercise of intent, will
and control, but what comes out of the dye vat 
through the mysterious interactions of the colors,
fabric and the forces involved is totally unique and
alive. It is alchemy and beautifull magic.

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