Silk Chiffon SuperWrap, Sun and Sea

We love silk chiffon and take it wherever we go, especially to the beach - or the Florida Everglades. Chiffon is the best fabric to have on or over your body in the hot summer sun. It is extraordinarily lightweight and breathable, letting the breeze pass through while blocking the burning rays of the sun.

Silk Chiffon loves the wind and the wind loves to play with the silk.

The SuperWrap is a simple 2 yards by 42 inches but can be transformed into many different useful basics and accessories. One of the must-have items in our travel kit.

Sun shielding at the amazing North Carolina outer banks. Shibori and silk at ease in nature.

Not afraid of the water. Get it wet. 

Big enough to be shared.
The one of a kind shibori silk chiffon SuperWrap.