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womens limited

Women's Limited Edition Ts

Each one individually photographed.
Dyed by hand. Each one is totally unique.

Find your size:

V Neck T - Size S

Zircon 2
$42.00 Details

Unique - Size S

Tiger One Eight
$42.00 Details

V Neck - Size M

Malachite M
$42.00 Details

V Neck - Size M

Orange Earth 23
$42.00 Details
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  • tied dye dp violet mobile
  • tied dye deep jade mobile
  • tied dye dp purple mobile
  • tied dye dp zircon mobile
  • tie dye rib violet
  • tie dye ribknit zircon 2 s
  • tie dye rib jade
  • tie dye deep purple m 2
  • tie dye deep violet m 1

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